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Likoma Island

St. Peter's Cathedral Outside

St. Peter's is the principal church for the diocese and is the bishop's seat, throne, or cathedra. Located at the center of Likoma Island which is surrounded by Lake Malawi miles off the shores of Malawi.

Chizumulu Island

St. John's Outside

St. John's serves the Chiteko village and surrounding area located on Chizumulu Island off the shores of Malawi in Lake Malawi.

Likoma Island

St. Mark's Mkwazi

St. Mark's serves the Nkwazi village and surrounding area located on the southern end of Likoma Island.

Chizumulu Island

St. Mary's serves the Samé village and surrounding area located on Chizumulu Island.

Likoma Island

St. Michaels Makulawe

St. Michael's serves the Makulawe village and surrounding area located on the northern end of Likoma Island.

Nkhata Bay

St. George

St. George is located in the Nkhata Bay District. The community of Nkhata Bay is a Malawian port town on the western shore of Lake Malawi.





Confirmation at St. Peter

St. Peter's in Chombe.





St. Mark is one of the Parishes served by a Deacon.



Confirmation at Holy Trinity

Located on the outskirts of Mzuzu.


St. George's is an out station of St. Thomas, Rumphi.


St. Mark's is located in the comunity of Chigwere, 8 miles northeast of the city of Mzuzu.


St. Mark's is located in the city of Mzuzu next door to the diocesan office. Mzuzu is the capital of the Northern Region and is the third largest city in Malawi as measured by population.

St. Mark's- Mzuzu

Fr. Chifisi along with Fr. Marama and Fr. Tembo standing in front of the new church building.


St. Paul - Mchengawutuwa



St. Ambrose - Karonga

St. Ambrose in the Karonga Archdeaconry

Kasoba Station

Kasoba a station of St. Ambrose.

Chilumba Location

Chilumba is a community located on the Northwestern shore of Lake Malawi. It is served by the MV Ilala steamboat when it's operating.


Chitipa is the capital city for the Chitipa District, located in the northern most part of Malawi.



St. Dunstan



St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter Exterior

The cornerstone for St. Peter’s was laid in 1903 on an upland site where the missionaries had witnessed the burning of witches. In their turn, many of those European Christians surrendered their lives – to disease or accident – to bring their faith “to the ends of the Earth.” The names of these men and women are catalogued on headstones in the nearby graveyard.

Native granite was used in the cathedral’s construction, while other materials were carried over from the mainland, including bricks, timber, lime, and cement. Soil from Jerusalem was placed under the high altar. Islanders became stone cutters and masons under the tutelage of architect Frank George, who later took holy orders and became archdeacon of the diocese.

St. Peter’s was dedicated in September 1905 and completed in 1911. In 1941 the Archbishop of Canterbury asked bishops from five African nations to gather at the cathedral to pray for peace in a world at war. In 1965 Josiah Mtekateka, the first Malawian to become an Anglican bishop, was consecrated at St. Peter’s. (His son, Fr. Leslie Mtekateka, is a rector in this diocese.)

On June 29, 2005, St. Peter’s celebrated its centenary with a festival Eucharist attended by all the clergy of the diocese plus honored guests including the nation’s first Christian president, Bingu wa Mutharika. One hundred new pews were built for the occasion. Forty matching chasubles were sewn for the clergy of the diocese to wear in procession, and 100 school children waved red-and-white ribbon streamers.

St. Peter Full of Parishioners St. Peter Interior St. Peter Font
Confirmation at St. Peter

What a great day at St. Peter’s Cathedral. No wonder this is the mother Church of the Anglican Parishes in Malawi, South West Tanzania, Northern Mozambique and Zambia. A five hour marathon to confirm 215 members. Each one of them had to be treated as the only person of the day. Praise the Lord.

Renewel of Priestly Vows

We had a blessed day today at the renewal of vows and the blessing of the oils mass. It was a blessing to come together in unity. 4-15-2019

Clergy Staff

Bishop Magangani
Rt. Rev. Fanuel Emmanuel Magangani

St. John the Baptist- Chiteko

Pictures are of the outside front of the church, procession inside at beginning of the worship service, and parishioners in front of the rectory (priest's house).

Procession into St. John Parishioners in front of St. John's Rectory

Clergy Staff

Fr. Phiri
Rev. Fr. Elemiya Dytone Phiri

St. Mark's- Nkwazi

Confirmation at St. Mark

We give thanks to God for the increase he is giving us all the time. Today in the week at St. Mark’s Church worshiping at Nkhwazi Primary School Hall. 39 members have been confirmed.

Clergy Staff


St. Mary's - Samé


Clergy Staff

Fr. Banda
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Chiyembekezo Banda

St. Michael's- Makulawe

Confirmation at St. Michael's

Back to work. Confirmation today Thursday October 17 at Micheal’s Church, Makulawe, Likoma Island. Work in season and out of season.

St. Michaels Interior

Clergy Staff

Fr. Kanyoli
Rev. Fr. Alfred Msekazawo Kanyoli

St. George's- Nkhata Bay

St. George

Thanks be to God for the gift of Fr. Emmanuel Banda ordained April 04, 2016.

Another busy day today at Mnsani a congregation in St. George's Parish in Nkhata Bay District.

Confirmation at Mnsani a congregation in St. George's Parish

Clergy Staff

St. John's- Chilambwe


Clergy Staff

Fr. Kapalamula
Rev. Fr. Edward Kapalamula

St. John The Baptist- Mpamba


Clergy Staff

Deacon Banda
Rev. Dn. Lightwell Mazaza Banda

St. Martin- Kavuzi

25/10/2015: Today in History we have inaugurated a new Parish with a brand new Priest. St. Martin's Parish will comprise of Kavuzi, Mzenga, Kawalazi and a substation of Mazabuka. Fr. Chilowa is their New Priest. It's a new Parish without a Rectory. This is where we need prayers. His mode of transport is also another challenge. We ask for your prayers.

St. Martin in Kavuzi


Clergy Staff

Fr. Chilowa
Rev. Fr. Charles Kennedy Chilowa

St. Peter's- Chombe

St. Peter's Chombe Confirmation

Celebrating confirmation at St. Peter’s, Chombe Parish where 66 members were confirmed into the Church of God.

Clergy Staff

Fr. Nyirenba
Rev. Fr. Connex Z. Nyirenda

All Saints- Kabuwa


Confirmation at All Saints

Clergy Staff

St. Joseph- Chintheche

St. Joseph in Chinthece

St. Joseph, Chintheche Anglican Parish has a New Priest, the Rev. Fr. Hannex Kamenyah. Fr. Kamenyah recently returned from Kenya where he graduated with a 'degree' in Evangelism and was inducted as a member of the Church Army.

Seventeen new members were confirmed in the Parish of Chintheche at St. Paul's, Malaza. This is not a new Parish but it was at one of the out station of St. Joseph, Chintheche Parish. As you know our Parishes here complies of several congregation to form as Parish. The patron Saint name for a Parish is given after the main station where the Priest resides. Of course this Parish has been divided into three but this station is still part of St. Joseph Chintheche.

St. Paul - Malaza

Clergy Staff

Fr. Kamenyah
Rev. Fr. Hannex Kamenyah

St. Luke's- Msuli


Clergy Staff

Fr. Longwe
Rev. Fr. Alex Kamaza Longwe

St. Marks' - Tukombo


Clergy Staff

Dn. Thombozi
Rev. Deacon Thomas Thombozi

St. Mary's- Kande


Clergy Staff

Fr. Mnkhwamba
Rev. Fr. Isaiah Christopher Mnkhwamba

Holy Trinity- Luwinga

This Parish is currently under the leadership of the Sisters of St. Mary as their Priest in Charge is doing his studies away from the Diocese

Confirmation at Holy Trinity

It was a blessing to be back at Holy Trinity Church. 17 new members confirmed. We thank God the Parish is working hard to build a shelter for the Sunday School children in their quest for the early child development program.

Clergy Staff

Fr. Kamanga
Rev. Fr. Auster Kamanga

St. George's- Ntchenachena


Clergy Staff

Deacon Chilipakhasu
Rev. Dn. Martin Pancras Chilipakhasu

St. Mark's- Chigwere


Clergy Staff

Fr. Chilongozi
Rev. Fr. George Chilongozi

St. Mark's- Mzuzu

Confirmation at St. Mark's

We give thanks to God for the 43 new members confirmed today (early 2019) at St. Mark’s Church, Mzuzu. Thanks be to God.

This new Church we are building started in 2005 and on self help. The old Church we have is unable to accommodate all Christians at one service as Christians are many therefore do have two services every Sunday. It is a K35 million kwacha project and Christians have contributed over K11 million kwacha through paper Sunday each month and we have now started doing roofing work while we continue with our monthly contribution. The cost of materials have doubled because of devaluation of our currency.

St. Mark's- Mzuzu
St. Mark's- Mzuzu

On left the trusses are installed. On right stone laid by former Governor of Malawi.

Clergy Staff

St. Monica- Kabwafu


Clergy Staff

Fr. Munthali
Rev. Fr. Chimwemwe Holder Munthali

St. Paul's- Mchengawutuwa


Clergy Staff

Fr. Chimphanda
Rev. Fr. Anthony Frank Chimphanda

St. Thomas - Rumphi

St. Thomas - Rumphi


Clergy Staff

Fr. Wellano
Rev. Fr. John Edward Wellano

St. Ambrose- Karonga

Language is a barrier for visitors to this area. When Bishop Magangani attends for confirmations he is not able to communicate well with them. The Bishop speaks Chichewa they speak Kyangonde and very little of Tumbuka.

St. Ambrose - Karonga
St. Ambrose - Karonga

The Wiliro congregation is an out Station of Karonga Parish. The congregation was planted by people who moved from different Churches and asked to join the Anglican Church. The Catechist is a very hard working man of God. 44 members all of them adults members and some in their old age. We give thanks to God.

Kasoba station

It was a blessed day to be at Kasoba a station of St. Ambrose Parish in Karonga. The church is growing in Karonga Archdeaconry. Each group of the ministry of the church is increasing: Mothers Union, Daughters of the King choirs groups and the youth all are growing in number and spirituality.

Clergy Staff

Fr. Phiri
Rev. Paulos Chifunda Phiri

St. Paul's- Chilumba

Fr. Banda with Bsp. Magangani

It was a blessed today at St. Paul’s Parish in Chilumba aka Karonga South. We had an installation service for their new priest as a Rector of the Parish. He is Fr. Emmanuel Pilirani Banda.

St. Paul Worship
St. Paul Parishioners

St. Paul's Parish serves a community that is about a 20 km (12 mile) radius, it is vast, with poor road network. The population of the Christians is about 3000. The parish has nine other small churches attached to it. The parish has the Mother's Union, Sunday School, Fellowship, Youth (the majority), and choirs. In the parish area we don't have a building standing for a church at the centre. In other small churches we pray in school blocks, but in other small churches attached to the main parish we pray in grass church buldings making it difficult to worship during the rainy season. The Christians of one sub-parish (small church) have contributed generously so that this year the church called St. Peter's is putting Iron sheets on the roof. Despite these challenges people are positive to the gospel, they have hope. Our major challenge in the community is HIV/AIDS; Hunger, Malaria and Poverty.

Contributed by Fr. Kamenyah

St. Paul's- Chlumba

Transportation is a serious challenge for the priests. Getting to St. Paul's each Sunday morning takes more than worrying about traffic. When you're riding a bicycle things like weather (hot, cold, rain, wind), tire punctures and personal health can make the trip difficult. Think about serving not only one church, but 9 other locations. When all goes well and you arrive on time... "Thanks Be To God".


Clergy Staff

Fr. Banda
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Pilirani Banda

St. Paul- Kapolo


Clergy Staff


St. Timothy- Chitipa

Life goes on in the Diocese and St. Timothy is a growing parish. We had confirmation of 13 new members most of them have just joined the Church. We also received 6 women into Mother's Union. We successfully auctioned one of the first copies of Tumbuka liturgy books to members of the parish. A welcome source of income for the church and eagerly received translation of the Anglican liturgy. Praise The Lord.

St. Timothy's St. Timothy's


Clergy Staff

Fr. Edward Jutah
Rev. Fr. Edward F. Jutah

St. Mary's - Nyungwe

29th September was a historical day in the life of the Diocese. We inaugurated a New Archdeaconry, the Archdeaconry of Karonga. St. Mary's Church is the place I began my ministry in the year 2000. I like this place, a priest is not only relevant in his own Church but to the whole community.

St. Mary's
St. Mary's


Clergy Staff

St. Dunstan's- Mzimba



It was a bright morning of 26th October 2014 when the procession led by the lord bishop Fanuel Magangani to start the service of confirmation and of turning Mzimba parish into an Archdeaconry begun with hymns, praises, smiles and promises.

St. Dunstan

From left: Canon Hanoch N’goma, Ven Arthur Chitowe, Bishop Fanuel Magangani, Fr. Jones Zowani and Canon James Chifisi.

When the day was reaching mid-day Mzimba was transformed in newly formed archdeaconry. Whilst the Father Arthur Chitowe was inducted into an archdeacon of Mzimba. Apparently, Mzimba archdeaconry is likely to comprise four parishes that is; Mzimba proper, Mgoza, Mfula and Embangweni.

The ceremony was witnessed by Vicar General J Chifisi, training chaplain, Fr. Manda, Fr. Jones Zowani sisters of St Mary’s Covent, Parish executive committee, Mzimba Radio and representation of members from mission stations.

St. Dunstan

Members of the Mothers Union and St. Veronica with bishop Fanuel

Special thanks should go to the lord Bishop who led the service and conducted the ceremony tirelessly. The Vicar General for a well elaborated preaching to the church on how Christians are supposed to conduct themselves and also to love one another as Christ has loved the church.

The Lord Bishop in his speech thanked the Parish for the effort in accomplishing their obligation that include quota payment and cooperation in supporting diocesan policies and expressed the plans of opening a new parish between St Mathews at Embagweni and St Pauls at Jenda for archdeaconry to fully function.

The Sisters of St Mary’s Convent briefed the church about their Covent. Girls above 18 years who are filling the calling can express their interest in writing or by directly visiting them at the convent. Sister Martha concluded by announcing the commemoration of 150 years of sisterhood in Episcopal church of America to be cerebrated in Malawi September 2015.

The Parish chairperson Mr. Kacholola highlighted major achievements for the parish and plan for the next year. Payment of quota, leasing of land at Embagweni, molding of bricks for priest house, Jenda church construction and confirmation of 31 members were ranked high. Whilst the next plans were infrastructure development, Capacity building and mainstreaming issues of HIV/AIDs

Written by Julius Banda-Warden


St. Veronica Continues to Grow and Strengthen


St Veronica, two more members join

0n 26th October 2014 was joyful moment for St Veronica members when two more members joined their party. 12 months ago, it all started with one member who came to Mzimba Anglican Church like a missionary—Veronica Mossolin is her name, but today its 11 members present.

She introduced herself as a member of St Veronica. St Veronica was a new word to most women at St Danstan church and it attracted more attention to those who did not belonging to Mothers Union.

0n 26th October 2014 was joyful moment for St Veronica members when two more members joined their party. 12 months ago, it all started with one member who came to Mzimba Anglican Church like a missionary—Veronica Mossolin is her name, but today its 11 members present.

She introduced herself as a member of St Veronica. St Veronica was a new word to most women at St Danstan church and it attracted more attention to those who did not belonging to Mothers Union.

St. Dunstan

St Veronica members

Those who volunteered had to undergo teachings. Three months seemed like a decade for newly joined members, no wonder along the way some were discouraged and dropped the party

It took those with courage like St Veronica herself to forge a head and complete the mission. The journey started with 11 members and it has ended with six receiving their gird

The willingness of most women in the church created fear among MU members and threatened some members to leave the group.

Thanks to Fr. Chitowe who stood by their side and encouraged them strongly to stand by their calling.

Special praise to Bishop Fanuel Magangani to consent the re birth of St Veronica in the diocese. He indicated that they will be pioneers of new version of the St Veronica. He encouraged the chairperson to visit the members of old version of St Veronica based in Likoma to chat and revamp it fully function ministry.

The St Veronica in Likoma surfaces during funerals ceremonies and Easters vigil. And it was meant for the elderly people, but new one encourages nonpartisan women age from 18 years and above to join and serve the lord with their god given talents and gifts

One may wonder who these pioneers are, Agnes Mkhwewu Banda, Sarah Mzima, Maria Chirwa, Emily Chirwa, Zithe Nkhoma and Martha Nkhoma, Chibuvu and Banda are the courageous ones

On 29th June 2014 the St Veronica ambassadors from upper shire diocese witnessed the commission of six pioneers and their names cannot easily Forgotten…Nancy Katawa (president) from Mpemba Parish, Mercy Daudi vice president from Chilomoni Parish, Susannah Mdazepa Treasurer from St Pauls Cathedral and From Ellen Millas Chairperson from Chilimba Parish.

Special thanks goes to Bishop Alinafe Kalemba for encouraging the St Veronica members to attend the service in Mzimba in June

St. Dunstan

Procession in progress

Earlier it was Ven. Arthur Chitowe who did not hesitate putting gird in their necks as this symbolized the growth of his parish, but now it was the Bishop himself commissioning additional two more members. The Lord and Ven. Chitowe both encouraged the members to keep their lamps burning regardless of the hardships they may face.

The strength of the group is witnessed by their major achievements within a period of 12 months

Cheering the sick, assisting the needy, orphans and the elderly, committed in church activities and praying and fasting has been noticeable achievements

St. Dunstan

Few member of St Agnes

They are also involved in teaching Sunday school, St Agnes

St. Dunstan

Sunday school in focus

The task remains in taking the mission to other parishes and strategies are put in place for the growth of the party

Written by Julius Banda-Warden


Strategic Planning for the Future of St. Dunstan


St Danstan Parish-Mzimba Develops 5 Years Strategic Plan

It was just a vision, but now it is becoming a reality. The pieces of the Fr. Chitowe’s dreams have now started piling up to give a shape of formless Mzimba parish to glorious church.

Mr. Gondwe the facilitators clearly indicated that strategic planning started long time ago with God himself in creating the earth we see today from formless earth and heaven to beautiful world. The scripture in genesis clearly says

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, now the earth was without shape and empty. From this empty earth he started creating it systematically, step by step laying down the foundation of the earth.

"On the first day God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light! In six days God completed it and on 7th day I believed he rested and admired the works of His hand.

What I am trying to say; in simpler terms strategic planning started with God Himself.

Whilst other scholars believes that it started with solders as they plan ahead of the war, and visualize how it will be like in battle field.

But at St Danstan it is starting under the leadership of Fr. Chitowe who has the Vision to develop the church through developing a strategic plan for the next 5 years to solve the issues of Low Church attendance, low giving, hatrage among members. His relationship with other churches has enabled to benefit from what is on CCAP’s training table.

St. Dunstan

Special thanks to Rev Nyirenda, Gondwe (elder) and Mrs. Chale for agreeing to equip Mzimba church elders with skills on strategic planning development.

22 members attended training and in which 2 were from St Columba-Raiply.

The first session ended with selecting the task force to go into second session of conducting baseline survey. It is chaired by Mrs. V Mossolin, the vice Secretary Julius Banda,

In order to triangulate the data there was a need to capture views from all members hence the need of systematic survey. The result of survey will be presented on 9th august by group to map the way forward.

‘Strategic planning is systematic process of envisioning a desired future and translating this vision into broadly goals or objective and a sequence of steps to achieve them’ that’s how scholars defines it.

St. Dunstan

Church Elders Being Quizzed

The training begun by group work and presentation. The first group work was to scribble scriptures that assist them as church elders in their daily life to carry their duties responsibly and then scripture they talk s of giving. The church elders panicked to come up with the verses. It was like searching in the wildness.

The trainer recognized the principles of adult learning that no answer is wrong in adult class but could see how wild the group wondered in searching for the right scriptures. It was a good brain teaser for the church elders.

Written by Julius Banda-Warden


St. Veronica Organization Installed at St. Dunstan


The first St Veronica members in the history of St Danstan Mzimba Parish

St. Dunstan

The first St Veronica members were received at St Danstan Mzimba Parish on 29 June 2014.

The group takes as their patron saint Veronica, a woman who according to Anglican and Catholic tradition provided our Lord Jesus with her Veil to wipe off the dirt on His face while on the way to calvery.

Jesus wiped his face using the cloth and gave it back to her. Surprisingly, the face of the Lord was painted on the cloth.

St. Veronica members are committed to prayer, works of charity, and pious life.

The diocesan bishop Rt. Rev Fannuel Magangani welcomed the group into the diocese with the vision to spearhead the ministry in the diocese.

The member meet on Saturdays to worship, and discuss the plans for the coming week. Some of the activities include visiting the sick in hospitals and homes, cleaning the church premises teaching each other leadership skills like preaching and how to teach children at the Sunday school.

By Fr. Arthur Chitowe Rector.


Fund Raising at St. Dunstan


Mother Union Fund Raises During St Veronica Members Commission

St. Dunstan

The long service was coming to an end. Commissioning of six pioneers of St Veronica was a big events for the church. Most peoples’ energy were fast getting exhausted. It was high time to refill.

But still more the Church members had to wait until Paper Sunday begun for them to relax and fill their bellies with goat meat and chicken been roasted outside.

Paper Sunday at St Danstan is time to give God what belongs to HIM and also time to barbeque and quench thirsty people

The pots outside were boiling, and the tea pots were already filled waiting to quench church members’ thirst.

Mother’s union was exploring every means to fund raise for smooth running of their ministry, they filled their tables with tea to sell as part of fund raising.

On the other hand the master of ceremony ‘the warden’ was busy trying to fish out money from church members so as to pay parish and Diocesan quota.

You may want to learn what the choir was doing at this point of time after singing for so long, guess what, they fixed themselves at the corner of the church enjoying the tantalized meals prepared at this big day.

They truly deserved a lot of drinks to quench their thirsty after singing the longest creed in the hymn book.

St. Dunstan

While it was a dream to coming true to Mrs. Veronica Mossolin. Seeing how well the event was going, the food, the drinks, the flashing of cameras. The small budget was feeding the whole church. She saw God’s hand at lead.

Written by Julius Banda-Warden


Clergy Staff

St. Mary's- Mgoza

St. Mary's is the home church located in the community of Mgoza. The priest here also serves at several churches in the outlying communities. One of these is Holy Trinity located in a small rural community of Kanjuchi.

Old exterior of Holy Trinity

The old exterior structure

Old exterior of Holy Trinity

The old interior structure

Old exterior of Holy Trinity

The new exterior structure

Old exterior of Holy Trinity

The new interior structure

Now we can say we have the final product of the Church building. From what you see as the old structure to a complete new look Church building. We can now praise the Lord as the congregation will worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness. Thanks be to God for the faithful of the Parish of St. Lawrence in the Diocese of Fort Worth and the hard work of the local community of Kanjuchi Church. The local contractor has also done a good job well done. This is how partnership can do.


Clergy Staff


St. Paul's- Jenda

What a blessed day, we have inaugurated another Parish in the life of the Diocese. Fr. Andrew Madalitso Banda has been inducted as the New Priest in Charge for the New Parish of St. Paul's Jenda. He will be in charge of the two Churches, namely St. Mathew's Embangweni and St. Paul's Jenda. He will be based at Jenda. At the same time we also had a confirmation of 20 new members.


St. Paul St. Paul


Clergy Staff

Fr. Banda
Rev. Fr. Andrew Madalitso Banda

St. Mathew's- Embangweni

We are growing... Rev. Fr. Andrew Madalitso Banda has been commissioned to a new mission Parish where he will lead Church growth at Jenda and Embangweni.

St. Dunstan's- Mzimba


Clergy Staff

Fr. Banda
Rev. Fr. Andrew Madalitso Banda