Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi

The Diocese is responding to the ever changing needs of its parishioners and the communities that it serves.


Formed in 1995 from a division of the Diocese of Lake Malawi.

We are one of four Anglican Diocese ministering to the people of Malawi, Africa.

A member of The Church of the Province of Central Africa and world wide Anglican Communion.

Companion Diocese with Birmingham, Dallas, Fort Worth. Relationship with SOMA.

In November, 2010 the Rt. Rev. Fanuel Emmanuel Magangani was consecrated the 3rd Bishop.

In 2018 we celebrated our relationship with our Brothers and Sisters in Fort Worth, Texas. Click Here To View

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The Leonard Kamungu School of Theology is an Anglican Seminary located in the city of Zomba, Malawi. The school provides classes in theology, church history, spirituality, pastoral care, as well as courses in Islam and African Traditional Religion, enabling the student to do the work of pastors as well as evangelising to the communities they will be serving. Life at Leonard Kamungu Theological College centres on the chapel which has daily morning and evening services. In addition to their studies students farm to supply food for their meals.

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In our diocese we have the order of Sister of St. Mary. Their main duty is to pray for our diocese, the church, nations and to take care of the needy. They have a maize and Irish potato garden, they keep goats, sheep and chickens. They also conduct a business of tailoring which is one way of self support.

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Anglican News From Northern Malawi

Bishop Reed Consecration
Bishop Reed Consecration

We were there among the 1200 plus people who participated in the consecration of Dean Ryan Reed to Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Synod Attendees

2019 Synod

We give thanks to God for the successful 10th Diocesan Biannual Synod in Nkhata Bay South Archdeaconry. Next will be in 2021 with Mzuzu Archdeaconry as our host. Our theme for these next two years is In God we Trust.